1-2-3 Lesson Plan


Important dates to remember:
June 1st -National donut day! – we will be having a donut fun filled day!
June 4th- Bike riding begins – bring helmets daily please!
June 14th- Flag day- we will create the American flag!
June 17th- Father’s Day
Weeks of June 4th- June 15th we will be bike riding… Scroll down for more details…

This month we will be focusing on and discussing bugs. They have all had a great interest in the bugs and caterpillars we have been finding on the playground. I decided why not discuss their life cycles and way of living. We will be using magnifying glasses outside and butterfly nets to help us capture some insects to observe. We will also be doing some activities with using our manners and of course some more name recognition and letter writing in preparation for becoming ABCer!

Bugs- below is a list of activities we will be doing throughout the month to give you a better idea!

-If you were a butterfly, where would you fly to? Record responses
-Clothespin butterflies
-Discuss and describe a butterfly’s life cycle using pictures
-Be a butterfly flying around the room/ outside
-Butterfly yoga pose
– Spider web lacing paper plates- glue spiders in center, lace all around to cover it
-Spider crab walk- large motor activity
-Ball toss- creating a web
-Itsy Bitsy Spider- finger play
-Spider headbands, folding strips of paper, place around headband
-Bug Chart- Do you like bugs?
-What kind of bug do you like? – record responses
-Herman the Worm- finger play
-Discuss Worms- where do they live?
-Jello worms
-Worm Craft- folding paper
-Painting with worms
– Where do you find insects?
-Bug hunt- using magnifying glasses and bug catchers outside
-Playdough bugs , creating bugs from play dough
-Counting insects legs
-Ladybug numbers, counting spots
-Lighting Bug game- Following directions game
-Firefly craft, using neon paper and band aids
-Pretend to be insects flying around
-Read, The Very Hungry Caterpillar
-Handprint Caterpillar- Patterning hands
-Fluffy caterpillar, gluing Pom poms on a craft stick in patterns
-Bee Hives, Adding honeycombs to create a hive.
-Taste test- Honey, did you like it?
-I’m bringing home a baby bumble bee- song
-What attracts Ants? Experiment
-Create an Ant Puppet, following directions
-How many seeds can I count?

Manners- below is a list of activities we will be focusing on…
-Saying Please and Thank you, sign language
-When to us the term “Excuse Me”
-Blowing our nose
-Being kind to others, playing teamwork games and learning how to take turns

The first two weeks in the month we will be learning how to ride a bike. We have a presenter coming to teach us about bike safety and street safety. On Monday June 4th. We have bikes for the children to practice pedaling on and we will assist with pushing them as well. We ask that you bring a helmet to school with your child’s name clearly labeled as we do not provide helmets and they will not be able to ride without one.

Just an FYI as I have had some parents ask if I will be here over the summer. My last day for the summer will be June 29th however Miss Emily and Miss Julie will be familiar faces with the children on a daily basis with other staff rotating in and out as well. Don’t worry they will be in good hands! I look forward to seeing everyone when I return in September!