1-2-3 Lesson Plan

February 2018

Important dates
2nd- Groundhog Day
14th- Classroom valentines exchanges/ party
(See Miss Sara if you would like to bring in a special Valentines treat for the children! )
14th- Valentine’s Day
18th- President’s day- School Closed

Valentines! – I have had a lot of parents asking for a list of the children’s names for Valentines I am asking that you please leave the (To: ) part on the Valentines cards blank and just fill out the (From:) your child. This will make it easier when the children go to handout their valentines to their friends.

Week 1- Valentines
-Sing,”5 Pretty Valentines”
-Discuss what is red? What is blue? For our poem 🙂
-Lacing hearts
-Project: Fingerprint bookmarks ,Decorate with marble art
-Sorting by size- Hearts

-Read, “5 Pretty Valentines”
-Matching colored hearts
-Project: Tissue paper hearts- crumble tissue paper
-Discuss- Things I love, Write down answers
-Play dough hearts/ cookie cutters

-Discuss why we love mommy and daddy so much!
-Cutting Practice- straight lines
-Project: Valentines heart wreath
-Lacing hearts
-Popping bubbles

-Counting Hearts book 1-5
-Project: A lovely Tree- things we love on decorated hearts
-Heart tracing
-Read, “Hearts, hearts, hearts”

-Counting Hearts book 6-10
-Project: Hersey kiss
-Hersey Kiss Taste test
-Graph- do you like them?

Week 2- Valentines Day/ Team work
-Heart letter search-alphabet
-Experiment- Candy hearts, baking soda vinegar- What happens?
-Project: Decorate Valentine bags
-Discuss- What do you think will happen to the heart when put into the vinegar baking soda mixture?

-Toss and catch partners
-Read, “Friends”
-Cutting Practice
-Project: I love my friends because…
-Discuss Why we love our friends

Class Valentine Exchanges/ Party
-Read, “Be My Valentine”
-Sing “5 Pretty Valentines”
-Valentine exchanges
-Project: Heart reveal- dot markers
-Graphing (older) sorting (younger) Candy hearts
-Sing-“I Love You”
-Heart Hop – game

-Sing,”When we mix red and yellow we make orange”
-Finding Letters- alphabet hunt in groups of two
-Spaghetti tower- Cheerios
-Project: Friendship color mixing
-Discuss- Color mixing

-Read, “Hunters Best Friend”
-Sorting by size – 4 objects
-Project: Friendship wreath
-Discuss- Friendship
-Friendship towers- working together in groups of 2, how high can you build?

Extra activities:
-Sing,”The more we get together”
-Read, “Should I Share?”
-Matching game- groups of two
-Project: Painting with a partner
-Discuss- Ways to be a good friend

Week 3-Nursery Rhymes /Fairy Tales
Monday- School Closed
President’s Day

-Sing,”Do you know the muffin man?”
-Finding Letters- alphabet hunt
-Muffin taste test- mini muffins , blueberry, chocolate chip, banana
-Project: Decorate muffins
-Discuss- What kind of muffin do you like to eat?

-Sing, “Pigs on the farm”
-Read, “3 Little Pigs”
-Cutting Practice
-Project: Big bad wolf puppet
-Discuss what objects you would make a house from
-Building houses with Legos/ magnets

-Read, “Humpty Dumpty”
-Discuss ways to put Humpty Dumpty back together again
-Egg Puzzles
-Project: Humpty Dumpty
-Sorting by size- eggs

-Read, “Golilocks and the 3 Bears”
-Project: Paint a bear
-Discuss- Do you like porridge?
-Taste test – porridge
-Bowls in order by size

Week 4- Weather
-Sing,”Oh Mr. sun”
-Discuss sunny days, how does it effect the snow?
-Sun experiment (weather permitting)
-Project: Create a sun
-Sorting by size- sun shape

-Sing,”Mittens on my hands”
-Read, “The Biggest Best Snowman”
-Matching mittens
-Project: Snowy scene
-Explore with fake snow, real with we have it 🙂
-Discuss- Snow, Do you like it, why or why not

-Sing,”Rain rain go away”
-Read, “Rain”
-Cutting Practice
-Project: umbrellas
-Discuss rain- do you like it, why or why not? why is the rain good for environment

-Sing,”Cold winds”
-Finding Letters- alphabet hunt
-Experiment- Windy weather (blow dryer)
-Project: wind sock
-Discuss- wind, what effects do you see from the wind?

-Read, “Weather”
-Sing “What’s the weather”
-Weather matching game
-Project: paper plate weather graph
-Discuss- what is your favorite type of weather? -graph
-Parachute game