1-2-3 Lesson Plan


November important dates

Thanksgiving- November 28th School Closed

Black Friday- November 29th School Closed

Week 1- Transportation/ Community helpers


-Sing,”The Wheels on the bus”

-Read, “The Magic school bus”

-Build a school using blocks

-Project: School bus

-Discuss a school bus driver ‘s job


-Sing,”Five Little Letters”

-Discuss a Mail mans job

-Project: Mail Truck

-write letters to “someone”

-Envelope matching by colors

-Package delivery relay


-Sing,”Little red Caboose”

-Counting trains

-Discuss a Train conductor’s job

-Make a train from chairs- take a ride

-Project: Train

-Thomas the train picture matching game


-Read, “Buster the Garbage truck”

-Discuss a Garbage mans job

-Project: Garbage Truck- scissor practice

-Dump truck transport (using toy trucks to move trash)


-Sing,”Hurry Hurry Drive the FireTruck”

-Read, “Big Red Fire Truck”

-Discuss a fire fighters job

-Review stop drop and roll

-Project: Fire Truck

Week 2-Community helpers


-Sing,”The People in our town”

-Play “What is my job?” Listening game

-What is your favorite community helper?

-Review community helpers jobs/ why they are important

-When I grow up I want to be…

-Project: Examine fingerprints -magnifying glass


-Sing,”Police Officers”

-Discuss a police officers job- sheriff’s for the day

-Project: Traffic lights

-Street signs- Have you seen them? View pictures

-Police car/ police man number matching 1-5


-Sing,”Johnny works with one hammer”

-Block towers

-Tools- view pictures discuss uses

-Project: Sand paper drawings using chalk

-Community helpers matching game


-Sing,”The Doctors in the Clinic”

-Read, “Clifford goes to the Hospital”

-Play, Where is your? (Body parts)

-Listen to heartbeats

-Project: Doctor hats and band aid art

-Play “Doctor, Doctor Nurse”


-Sing,”This is the way we brush our teeth”

-Project: Tooth cleaning/ using toothpaste and tooth brushes to scrub our paper tooth

-Practice flossing with large mouth

-Teeth counting (mirror)

Week 3- Thanksgiving/ Family


-Sing,”Five Little Turkeys”

-Read, “What is Thanksgiving”

-Turkeys by size- small to large

-Turkey Strut – watch and act out

-Project: Begin special thanksgiving craft


-Sing,”One Little, Two Little, Three Little Turkeys”

-Read, “It’s Thanksgiving”

-Feather counting

-Project: Finish special Thanksgiving craft

-Turkey Color matching game


-Sing,”I eat turkey”

-Read, “A Plump and Perky Turkey”

-Play “Chicken, Chicken, Turkey”

-Project: Paper plate turkey

-Discuss What we are thankful for… Examples of reasons to be thankful

Thursday- School Closed

Friday- School Closed

Week 4- Thanksgiving/ Family


-Sing,”Hello Mr Turkey”

-Read, “10 Fat Turkeys”

-Play “What’s missing” thanksgiving items

-Project: Handprint Turkey

-Turkey feather hunt – colors


-Sing,”Five Little Turkeys”

-Read, “Thanksgiving Day”

-Turkey Bingo- colors

-Project: Torn paper turkeys

-Stuff the turkey- crumble up newspaper to stuff into brown paper bag


-Sing,”See my Family”

-Read, “This is my Family”

-Discuss Family- who is in your family?

-Graph- how many family members we have

-Matching game- family members


-Sing,”It’s fun to be a family”

-Read, “Three Little words”

-Scissor practice- scrap paper cutting

-Project: Create a picture for a family member

-Family feely box- who would use this item?


-Sing,”I love my family”

-Read, “Mixed Blessings”

-Discuss family activities

-Play, I can do it, Can you do it too? (Movements)

-Family picnic- lay out blanket and play food to have a picnic with our friends