1-2-3 Lesson Plan


Important dates
2nd- First Night of Hanukkah
14th- Child gifts from Santa due today
Holiday Shop money due today
21st-Carols by Flashlight @ 7pm
19th – Camelot Holiday Party / Santa visit
24th- Christmas Eve – closing @ 5:00
25th- Christmas Day! – School closed
26th- Kwanzaa – School closed

Week 1- Hanukkah
-Sing,”Hanukkah’s a Happy Time”
-Read, “Eight nights of Hanukkah”
– Introduce Hanukkah related pictures/ items
-Project: Make a menorah
-Counting candles

-Sing,”Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel”
-Discuss how to play spin the dreidel
-Project: create a Dreidel card
-Play The Dreidel game
– Hanukkah picture matching game
-Read, “Spin the Dreidel!”

-Sing,”Latke Latke Latke”
-Play find the gelt
-Review Hanukkah related pictures/ items
-Project: paper plate Latke
-Taste test latke
-Read, “A Chanukah Present for me”

-Read, “Celebrating Chanukah”
-Sing, “Hanukkah’s a Happy time”
-Project: Star of David
-Hanukkah picture matching game
-Freeze dance- Hebrew music

-Sing,”Ring the bells”
-Read, “Biggest Christmas Tree Ever”
-Play dough cookie cutters
-Project: Foam wreaths
-Holiday Freeze dance

Week 2- Gingerbread/ Stockings
-Read, “‘Twas the night before Christmas”
-Project: Foam Craft ornaments
-Sing, “Ring The Bells”‘
-Holiday music dance party

-Read, “Gingerbread Story”
-Project: Gingerbread craft
-Taste Test: Gingerbread cookies
-Graph- What part did you eat first? Head, arms, legs?
-Gingerbread line tracing

-Create a class gingerbread house
-Gingerbread shape match
-Sing, “5 Little Gingerbread men”
-Gingerbread cookie cutter art
-Gingerbread coloring sheets

-Read, “Santa Claus”
-Project: Santa Beard-cotton balls
Santa handprints
-Play dough Christmas cookie cutters
-Sing, “Where is Santa”

-Read, “Shhh”
-Project: Foam stockings- First letter of our name
-Build Santas House at the North Pole
-Stockings color match
-Sing ” Where is Santa”
-Discuss stockings, where does yours hang at home?

Week 3- Christmas gifts/ holiday cheer
-Sing,”Where is Santa?”
-Read, “Christmas Treat”
-Play, “Pass the Christmas Tree”
-Project: Fingerprint lights
-Christmas cookie making game

-Christmas Feely box
-Project: Painting Popsicle sticks for reindeer face
Hand tracing for antlers
-Ornament letter match

-Read, “Rudolph to the rescue”
-Play, “Pin the nose on Rudolph”
-Project: Assemble Popsicle stick Reindeer
Assemble Hand/foot Reindeer
-Holiday music- freeze dance

-Read, “Christmas City”
-Project: Create our special Christmas gifts
Reindeer paper plates
-Christmas Tree math 1-10 with M & M’s
-Build Santa’s house
-Smell different holiday scents

-Sing,”Where is Santa”
-Read, “The 3 Bears Christmas”
-Ornaments in order by size
-Project: Paper plate ornaments
Finish Reindeer paper plates
-Discuss what we want for Christmas

Week 4- Christmas week/ New Years
Monday- Christmas Eve
School closing at 5:00 pm
-Sing,”Where is Santa”
-Read “Christmas Tree”
-Discuss If we have a tree at home, did you help to decorate it, which room is it in?
-Project: Finish parent projects
-Names Christmas light puzzles

Tuesday- Christmas Day
School Closed

Wednesday- School closed

-Christmas cookie matching game
-Sing, “Where is Santa?”
-Taste Test- candy canes
-Graph- did you like it?
-Project: Paper Plate Candy Canes
Bead candy canes
-Sing,”Where is Santa?”
-Read, “‘Oh Christmas Tree”
-Holiday music dance party
-Project: Handprint Christmas Tree, Pom Pom ornaments
-Play dough cookie cutters

Week 5-
-Sing, “Happy New Year”
-Project: New Years Noise Maker
-Discuss the New Year
-Make New Years resolutions

Tuesday- School closed