1-2-3 Lesson Plan

We have a very eventful month of March! We start off with Dr. Suess’ Birthday on Friday March 2nd and continue the next week reading his stories and doing activities in relation. On Friday, March 16th we will be having a St. Patrick’s Day celebration at school. Tuesday, March 20th is the first day of Spring, we will all have Rita’s Italian ice to welcome Spring with open arms!

I do have to say one last thing, I am so proud of ALL the children in the 123 class with having such success in potty training, they have been making great strides. Below is a break down of our month’s activities.

March 5th- 9th
Dr Suess Week
During the first week of March we will be celebrating Dr. Suess’. We held a birthday party for him on Friday. We will be reading various books written by him each day and basing our projects around each book. Throughout the week we will be pointing out and discussing the rhyming words used in the stories. We will be reading, “One Feet, two Feet, Red feet, Blue Feet” and doing some silly foot activities to go along with our story. We will be observing different textures using our feet and making silly feet people for our project! Another classic we will read is “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”. On that day we will create a fish bowl painting with an added Goldfish touch! The children will each be counting out 10 Goldfish to add to their creation.

March 12th- 16th
St Partick Day Week
During the week of St. Patricks Day, we will be focusing a lot on rainbows. We will be identifying the coloring in a rainbow as well as creating our own rainbows using fruit loops cereal and our hands!! I will be using the colors of the rainbow to play a game called, “What’s missing?”, where I will be taking away one color at a time and the kids will be telling me which one is missing. We will also be making a favorite color chart and counting how many we had in each category. On Friday March 17th, we will be working on our fine motor skills and hand eye coordination as we dye noodles green and use them in making a shamrock/ noodle necklace. I will be using large shamrocks with various letters of the alphabet all over the room. The children will “hunt” for each letter given. My main focus being identifying the first letters of our names.

March 19th- 23rd
Manners / Colors of the rainbow
We will be working on using our manners and knowing when to use them. We will be encouraging the children to raise their hands when they have something to say during circle or when asked at lunch, who would like more of something at each table. We will be using puppets and the kids to act out different situations that occur in our classroom such as a friend bumping into another, “What would you say?” I will be incorporating math skills into this lesson as well by making a please and thank you chart and having the children count the responses we came up with. Another activity that we will be doing throughout the week is practicing to set the table. Our friends have been taking turns helping to hand out napkins and cups during meal times. Throughout the week we will be doing some color recognition activities using the 6 colors of the rainbow. We will be doing activities such as grouping, finding objects, color mixing etc.

March 26th-30th
Easter week
This week we will be doing a lot of Easter related activities. We will be working on some scissor cutting skills as we cut eggs in half. We will be observing the differences and similarities between a white egg and a brown egg. I will be providing the children with plastic colored eggs for matching, we will also use these plastic eggs in a few fun games such as spoon/ egg races and an egg toss! Some of the other activities we will be doing are…
-What’s in the egg?- we will be guessing based on the sound we hear when the egg is being shaken!
-Peeps Puffy paint- mixture of glue and shaving cream with food dye
-Matching bunny tails- using colored Pom poms and colored bunnies
-Melting crayon Easter eggs- coloring with crayons on warm hard boiled eggs
-Wet chalk Easter eggs- dipping chalk in water and using it to color an egg shape paper
-Potato stamping – the shape looks like an egg, dipped in paint and use as a stamp!