1-2-3 Lesson Plan


New Years Day-January 1st

School Closed

Martin Luther King Day- January 20th School Closed

This month we will also be starting gymnastics with Mrs. Susan. Please send your child to school in comfortable clothes, sweatpants, leggings (girls) and socks of course! We will have gymnastics class on Wednesday.

Reminder: As the weather is finally beginning to make us think it’s winter outside, please make sure you check your child’s spare clothes in case a clothes change is needed we wouldn’t want to have anyone wearing shorts and short sleeves  🙂

We will continue to go outside daily as weather permits, we want to ensure that your child is warm while we are outside! Please send your child with a hat and gloves (preferably mittens, no finger holes)

When or if snow comes our way you may bring in a snowsuit and snow boots, a teacher will go out with the children that would like to and the others will stay inside if they choose not to.

Week 1- New Years/ Winter is Here


-Sing,”New Year”

-Discuss the New Year and what it means

-Shaving cream exploration

-Project: New Years handprint mittens


-Sing,”5 Little Snowmen”

-Read, “Snow Play”

-Measure each other with mittens

-Project: Mitten Designs

-Discuss- Cold Weather, what clothes do we wear?


-Sing,”Mittens on my hands”

-Finding letters- alphabet hunt

-Experiment- how long does it take for an ice cube to melt inside? Vs outside?

-Project: Painting with paint ice cubes

-Discuss- Which melted faster, Inside ice cube or outside?


-Read, “A Tree for all Seasons”

-Nature Walk, observe the trees

-Project: Bare Tree handprint and pig ear cleaners

-Discuss- Discuss trees in the winter

-Snowman Patterns

Week 2- Winter/ Snow/ cold weather


-Play “Pass the Ice”

-Read, “Do Like Kyla”

-Explore with Snow Dough (Cornstarch and lotion)

-Project: Winter Hat

-Discuss- Winter weather, snow, ice, etc


-Sing,”I like Winter”

-Counting snowballs (Marshmallows 1-10)

-Snowball Toss- try to make into a large bucket

-Project: Snowy scene (salt painting)

-Discuss- What is your favorite snow activity?


-Sing,”5 Little Snowmen”

-Read, “Sadie and the Snowman”

-Scissor practice – cutting base to globe

-Project: Snow Globe

-Discuss- How to make a snowman?


-Sing,”I like Winter”

-Read, “The Littlest Snowflake”

-Snowflakes in order by size, small to large

-Project: Snowflakes

-Discuss- How no two snowflakes are alike.


-Sing,”I’m a Little Snowflake”

-Read, “Snow”

-Clean snow- toilet paper and ivory soap

-Project: Icicle Drip art

-Discuss- What does that clean snow feel like? Describing words

Week 3- Arctic animals

Monday- School Closed


-Sing,”Royal Penguin”

-Read, “I Know A Little Penguin” poem and “Penguins”

-Project: Penguin

-Discuss- Where does a Penguin live? What do they eat?

-Snowball Toss


-Read, “Polar Animals”

-Play, Bear, Bear, POLAR BEAR!

-Project: Polar Bear, shaving cream

-Discuss- Where do polar bears live? Have you ever jumped into cold water?


-Sing,”I’m a Little Snowflake”

-Read, “Owl Moon”

-Play “Pass the Ice”

-Project: Snow Owl- where do they live?

-Discuss- Where do the snow owls live? What do they eat?


-Read, “Hibernation Station” or “Sleep Black Bear Sleep”

-Counting cotton balls

-Project: Igloo/ hibernating bear

-Discuss- Why do bears hibernate? What does Hibernating mean?

Week 4- Snowmen/ Snow


-Sing,”Do you want to build a Snowman? ”

-Read, “The Snowbelly Family of chillyville inn”

-Snowman puzzle 1-5

-Project: Edible snowman- graham crackers, chocolate chips, vanilla icing, skittles


-Sing,”Let it Snow”

-Read, “Snow Friends”

-Winter Pattern cards

-Project: Snowman Paper bag

-Play “Pass the Ice”


-Sing,”Let it Snow”

-Read, “Snow Dance”

-Mixed up Snowman puzzle

-Project: Handprint snowflakes

-Winter pattern cards


-Move like a snowflake

-Read, “The Biggest Best Snowman”

-Snowflake puzzles

-Project: Name Snowman -using name cards

-Discuss- Do you like snow? Why or why not?


-Sing,”Hot Coco”

-Read, “Marshmallow Monsters”

-Counting marshmallows

-Project: Hot coco painting

-Discuss- Do you like Hot Chocolate?