ABC Highlights, Friday March 7, 2014

Today, the ABC class finished our Dr. Seuss week by coloring and cutting out Horton’s Hatches and Egg, egg. Mrs. Lanigan had us use any color we wanted too use, then she helped us control our hand muscles while using our scissor to cut.

During our circle we went over our calendar routine and weather, however when we went to use our weather chart there was a cut-out of a leprechaun and our chairs were not where they belonged. After a long conversation the ABC’s came to the conclusion that a sneaky Leprechaun has found us. Hopefully his tricks are now done.

Later in our morning we had a friend who is joining our class come and visit us today, his name is Cole. Cole’s brother Bryson will be joining our Pre-K friends.

While we were outside on our playground playing, we heard men cutting down a tree near the Galli’s house. We then went for a short walk to their backyard to watch them cut down the tree for a bit.

Please remember to take home and wash your child’s nap time items tonight.

Hope you are all able to enjoy this beautiful weekend, see you all next week!