ABC Daily Highlights for Monday, March 24, 2014

Today we had fun making kites to hang in our classroom. We picked picked own color paper that had a traced diamond on it. The using scissors we cut out the diamond out and added string and bows to it. During our other group we played twenty-six pick up using our alphabet cards. After picking them up we have to work together to put the alphabet cards on order.

Brrr….it was a bit windy and cold outside but that did not stop us from getting some fresh air this morning. We had fun playing with our friends in the fort, climbing equipment and the boat.

After nap we are going to play Duck Duck Goose and RIng Around the Rosie. Then Mrs. Jill will read Gianna’s special book she brought from home called, Frozen.

*NEXT THURSDAY MARCH 4TH ALL CAMELOT STUDENTS NEED TO BE AT SCHOOL BY 8:45 am, to be here for our Dental Puppet Show!

Have a great night!