Tuesday April !st 2014

Today we took a terrific train ride.  We traveled to the moon.  When we returned to Camelot there were dinosaurs on our playground.

We practiced some tricks for them.  We tried jumping off the roof.  (only a few broken bones-no worries)

Mrs Wendt soon tired of cleaning up blood so we came inside and jumped on the tables and the ceiling.

We pitched a tent in the Jungle room and we roasted marshmallows.  We told ghost stories.  Then the ghost told us some kid stories.  We chased the ghosts through some tunnels till he got tired.

We had gymnastics and we made turtles.  Then we released them near a pond.  We then hung the rest of our projects on the flag pole.

We had to use our umbrellas at snack because orange juice was raining from the ceiling.

Finally to end our tricky day we calmed down and quietly watched a tadpole change into a butterfly.

Happy April fools day.  You can thank your imaginative children for their tricky ideas for todays board!