ABC Daily Highlights for Friday May 16, 2014


Please dress your child appropriately for their class pictures. Mr. Photo-man will take a class picture along with individual pictures of the children. Then you will receive your child’s  pictures in about 2-3 weeks. The packet will contain the order forms any some other important information. If you have any questions please see Mrs. Jill or Mrs. Lanigan.

Do Not Forget to Bring in Clothes for our clothing drive that is supporting the  Rescue Mission of Trenton. All types of clothes are welcome.

    All of the ABC children are so excited about watching the life cycle of a butterfly. Mrs. Jill and Mrs. Lanigan ordered 33 larva that we will observe over the next few weeks. We will be watching the larva eat their special food and grow. Then, with  finger-crossed we hope to watch at least one of them make their cocoon. Finally, we will watch them hatch and come out as butterflies!

Some of your children may have colourful mouths when you pick them up today. Thanks to the teachers they enjoyed a  Rainbow Popsicle for morning/ afternoon snack.

   Stop by Mrs. Jill room to see the big board as Mrs. Lanigan has hung various projects we made throughout this week.

All nap time items need to go home this weekend to be washed.


A child in the PRE-K class is home with Strep Throat, please be on the look out for any of the symptoms. This child was in school all day yesterday.