ABC Daily Highlights for Monday June 2, 2014

CAMELOT SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSING EARLY ON JUNE 13TH DUE TO OUR PRE-K GRADUATION. If you have any questions please talk to Mrs. Jill.

We said Goodbye to our friend Joshua for summer on Friday and today we welcomed our new friend Kaylee Reading to our class.

Today the ABC children let their butterflies free. It was so neat not only watching the butterflies get out of the net, but watching all the children’s expression when they were released. After releasing the butterflies we played on the playground for a bit then had a picnic snack.

During group time Mrs. Jill practiced our names with us along with playing the Volcano Alphabet jump game. Mrs. Lanigan had us use scissors to cut out a circle which we turned into a sun. The best part was our names our in glitter on our Sparkly S