Pre-K Dailies for Thursday June 5th, 2014

Today in Pre-K we tied up a lot of loose ends.  We put the finishing touches on our graduation owls.  They are hanging in Mrs. Wendt’s room.  We practiced our phone numbers and answered some 6-7 year old Brain  Busters questions.

We made a rainy day worksheet this morning while it was raining.  Our t-shirts came in from the Zelt family.  We will take them to our picnic next Friday and we will put them on there.

Please make sure to sign up for our graduation picnic.  There are two sheets.  one for the number of people who will be attending and the other one to sign up for the food item that your family will be bringing.  Please note that we do have a child with a dairy, egg and nut allergy.  You may still bring in food with those ingredients but please make sure to label them if your food item contains either nuts, eggs or dairy.

Have a great evening!