ABC Class Daily Highlights for Friday June 20, 2014


Today we had so much fun! Instead of going right to circle time Mrs.Jill allowed us to have extra time to play with the big trucks and cars in the Jungle Room. Then we had a small circle time where we went over calendar and the weather. We has a new friend named Tyler visit today also. He going to join Camelot in September. Since it was Fun Friday today Mrs. Jill gave us a choice of whatever we wanted for morning snack. When Mrs. Susan arrived to school today we went bike riding, majority of us are picking up riding quickly.

FYI- water play activities do not start till July.

Bike riding will continue into next week, so don’t for get your child’s helmet.

If your child is riding a bike they MUST have closed toed shoes. They will not be able to ride with open toe shoes.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!