Daily Highlights for Mrs Jill’s Class Thursday September 4, 2014

Camelot’s Back to School Party is this Sunday.

It will be held at the school from 11:00am to 3:00pm.

Please sign-up for it by the front door.

I forgot to mention yester that we had an old Camelot friend stop by to read Sammy Goes to School. We also celebrated our friend Evan Scheel’s sixth birthday with some yummy cupcakes.

Today the Kindergarten child did two worksheets, the first one was a lower case alphabet letter maze and the second one was a what comes next in the alphabet. Then the children worked as a team with Ms. Danielle to put together a puzzle containing 65 pieces. After completing it they counted all the pieces. The children who were not here yesterday started their All About Me information sheets.

The Pre-K children worked on controlling their writing by making slanted lines and squares. Then they had fun listening to the sound that the each alphabet letter makes. The children then had turns putting 25 piece puzzles together in groups of two.

We had sandwiches today and had veggie sticks, bananas. carrots, yogurt, cucumber, apples and blueberries.