Daily Highlight for Mrs. Jill Class Monday September 8, 2014

Our Back to School Picnic was a blast! Thanks to all who attended, if you were not able to make it, no worries as their will be lots more.

Today the Pre-K class make shape necklaces. Each child had to cut out a triangle, circle, square, triangle, rectangle, star and a heart. Then they colored each shape and finally laced the shapes on yarn to make a necklace. The children also did a writing practice worksheet with Ms. Danielle where they traced and drew lines. (Remember lines create letters) Of course the children had fun outside as well.

Today the Kindergarten class did a pattern worksheets with Ms. Danielle. Then they made their own dice game. The children  had to color and cut out the two papers on had the actual shape while the other had the shape words on them. After coloring,folding and pasting the cube dice were complete.Have fun playing the dice game at home.

Breakfast for lunch today! We had,  Hash browns, bananas, pancakes, strawberries, Smiling Rooster Farm turkey sausage and eggs from our chickens.  A choice of orange juice water or milk quenched our thirst.