Pre-K Daily Highlights for Thursday

We were busy children this morning. First thing this morning before we spilt into groups we had to put together all the puzzles that the ABC children took out. Then in Mrs. Jill’s Group she worked on our assessments with us. Tomorrow is the last day for this part. In Miss. Danielle’s Group we did a science worksheet on animals entitled ‘Where Do I Live?’

Please take home your child’s nap time items to be washed and returned, if today is your child’s last day for this week. Also do not forget homework packets and assessments will be in your child’s folder on Monday!

Today for lunch we are rice and chicken, peaches. carrots and pineapple.

*Tomorrow our friend Michael is asking that we wear stripped red or yellow shirts for some special activities he and his Mommy is doing with us tomorrow!

Have a great night