Monthly Archives: November 2014

Tuesday November 18th in the 123’s

We made feathers for our turkey on the Bulletin board. After they are dry Miss Sara will hang them up so we can practice our counting skills. We read a book about Thanksgiving and discussed the Holiday! We sang a song about a turkey and danced to a few movement […]

Tuesday the 18th in the ABC Class

We are learning about the first Thanksgiving all this week.  Today we made tee pee’s and talked about what they are and who used them.  We talked about Pilgrims and the Mayflower.  We talked about Native Americans and how and why they used to be called Indians.  We read a […]

Monday the 17th in the 123’s

We made a turkey! We used fall color crayons to color on the paper plate to represent feathers. As a group we assembled our turkeys, one piece at a time. Some of us painted our hands for an upcoming project, the rest will do it tomorrow. We sang a few […]

Monday the 17th in the ABC class

What a great day! We made plump and perky turkeys that are hanging up in our classroom next to the calendar. We read a book that told us about the first thanksgiving and talked about what people do on Thanksgiving day.  We learned how to make a turkey using both […]

Friday November 14th in the 123’s

We made pumpkin pie! We discussed the dessert and looked at a picture of one. We used brown paint for the crust (spatial relationships- focusing on outside and inside) painting the outside and orange paint to do the inside to represent the pumpkin. We are doing so good at putting […]

Thursday the 13th in the 123’s

We sang, “The Color Mixing song” and discussed the primary colors used to make secondary colors. We each choose one color to “make” by mixing two colors together. When we were finished mixing, we got to choose two shapes to paint with the color. For lunch we had fish sticks, […]

Wednesday the 12th in the ABC class

In the ABC class today with Miss Colleen we made door hangers. After coloring them (strengthening fine motor skills), we used markers to trace our names (working on 3 finger grip with writing utensils). When we were finished, we added stickers. We were running around outside trying to catch all […]

Wednesday November 12th in the 123’s

We created shapes today using toothpicks and marshmallows. Miss Sara made a few for the children to look at, they each choose a shape they wanted to create and I provided them with the correct amount of sticks and marshmallows. After we were finished we got to eat a few! […]