Monthly Archives: December 2014

Tuesday December 16th in the 123’s

Today we read a story called “Spin the Dreidel” as we read we discussed how to play the game. For our project we worked on our Hanuakkah cards using Hanukkah related stickers. We also painted our hands to resemble a dreidel. For lunch we had matzo ball soup, biscuits, hash […]

Monday December 15th in the 123’s

We worked on painting our “Special” Holiday project. We worked on understanding the concept of inside and outside as we instructed our friends to paint the outside of the project. We sang along to Rudolph as we painted. We read a book about the eight days of Hanukkah and painted […]

Friday the 12th in the ABC class

A great end to the week! We made Santa faces out of our hand and finger prints, they are hanging up in the lunch room.  We also played a new game called Sequence. We picked it up quickly and played a little bit without help from the teachers. During circle […]

Friday December 11th in the 123’s

We decorated our christmas trees we had painted yesterday! We provided sequence and foam christmas related pieces to use. We also painted our hands for a project we will be starting next week! We sorted candy candy canes by size smallest to biggest and danced along to some of our […]

Pre-K and Kindergarten will be holding a cookie exchange on Tuesday, December 16th.  All students are encouraged to participate, as it is a way of sharing and trying new things.  Please help your child bake two dozen cookies to share with their friends.

This brings hands-on education into the home.  Baking is a great way to teach basic math.  It also improves your child’s hand-eye coordination and ability to follow directions.

Due to a severe peanut allergy in our class, nuts of any type are prohibited.  Please attach to your cookies a list of all ingredients so we can keep children safe from various food allergies.

If your child does not attend Camelot on Tuesdays, you may drop off your cookies on Monday, December 15th.  We will fill their bag with the cookies for them and place it in their cubby.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Jill.


Thursday December 11th in the 123’s

We worked on making patterns, alternating between red and white beads while making our candy cane ornaments. We  talked about if we have ever ate a candy cane and if we like them. We also painted some craft sticks for our project tomorrow. We sang along to a few holiday […]

Wednesday the 10th in the ABC Class

We were VERY busy today and we can’t really talk about what we did, but you will be amazed on Christmas morning!!!!! We worked like a finely tuned machine and finished two projects, read a Hanukkah and a Christmas story and went over the calendar.  We also played outside for […]

Decemeber 10th in the 123’s

We listened to and sung along to a variety of christmas music. We read a story called, “Christmas at Night”! We worked to sort stars by Size from biggest to smallest. For our project we made a handprint christmas tree. We used colored Pom poms to represent the lights on […]

Tuesday the 9th in the ABC Class

We finished up two projects today! We beaded either an ornament, bracelet or candy cane, and created a gingerbread man to hang up at home. Both items are in cubbies.  We read a story about snowmen during circle time as well as singing a few holiday songs.  Please review our […]