Monthly Archives: February 2015

Friday the 27th in the ABC class

We painted with liquid watercolors today and did a science experiment with liquid watercolors and oil. We also played with shaving cream mixed with liquid watercolors. We finished our class Monet and Mrs. Susan will hang it up for viewing on Monday.  Lunch today was chicken nuggets, smile fries, strawberry […]

Friday Feb 27th in the 123’s

We worked on our cutting skills by cutting scraps of paper. We had a few visitors/ new friends come to visit so we showed them around and introduced ourselves. We did a balancing activity, we followed the lines around the room and used the squares to jump into. For lunch […]

Today in the ABC class

We finished our Van Goghs and started a class super sized Monet. As soon as the Van Gogh inspired pictures dry they will be sent home.  We will finish the Monet tomorrow.  We also had music with Mr. Mike, he is very funny! Lunch today was quesadillas, corn, carrots, celery, […]

ABC’s Daily Highlights

Today in the ABC’s class we had a special guest come in! Nicky’s mom, Mrs. Lamson, came in to talk to us about art. She showed us how to draw faces and animals, and taught us about some of the different materials that artist use. With Mrs. Cara we talked […]

Tuesday Feb 24th in the 123’s

We read a book called, “With My Friends”. After reading we discussed our favorite things to do with our friends. For our project, we each choose a friend we wanted to paint a picture with. I explained that when the painting was dry I would cut the paper in half […]

Monday Feb 23rd in the 123’s

We discussed friendship. What does it mean to be a friend. Sharing, caring, no hitting etc. We read a book called “It’s Mine” and talked about how the frogs should of been nicer friends. For our projects, we mixed two primary colors together with a friend of choice to make […]

Monday the 23rd in the ABC class

We had fun looking at and making projects inspired by pop artists Keith Haring and Andy Warhol.  We read a counting book illustrated by Keith Haring and colored in pictures drawn by Jackie Galli in the style of Keith. We then made hand print pictures after looking at Andy Warhol’s […]