Monthly Archives: March 2015

Tuesday the 31st in the ABC

Today we made super cool eggs using “Knoodles” and played with new duplo train tracks. We read a story about spring and went over the calendar. We also had a great time flipping over the bar in gymnastics.  We finished up the morning playing outside.  Lunch today was pasta, garlic […]

Tuesday March 31st in the 123’s

We read an Easter related story called “The Bunny went over the Hill”. For our project we used mini marshmallows to place around the outline of a bunny shape! We added eyes, a nose and whiskers when we were finished and got to eat a few marshmallows. For lunch we […]

Monday March 30th in the 123’s

We discussed the upcoming holiday- Easter! Our friends shared stories about visiting the Easter bunny and going to collect Easter eggs at egg hunts with their parents! We explored with our plastic egg faces again today. For our project we made bunny puppets!! The children LOVED putting them together. I […]

Friday March 27th in the 123’s

We explored with plastic eggs, I made faces on them displaying emotions, they loved mixing them up to make different faces. We read a book called “The Way I Feel” and we displayed each emotion on our faces after we read each page! For our project, we used sweetened condensed […]

Thursday the 26th in the ABC class

Even though it is a cold and dreary day outside, we had a warm and sunny spring day inside.  We stamped paper with cookie cutters and spring colors.  The students can color in the animals and flowers they stamped  when they get home if they want to.  We also did […]

Wednesday the 25th in the ABC class

Today we read books that Max and Kenzie brought in. We also made spring flower pictures using paper, glue and buttons. In gymnastics we did dive rolls, head stands and bar swings.  Everyone is still enjoying gym so we are going to keep doing gym for a few more weeks. […]

Wednesday March 25th in the 123’s

Miss Sara was back today! We played a game called “How we feel”, we each took a turn to roll a cube, when the face appeared happy, sad, surprised etc we did a facial expression to represent the picture shown. For our project we painted freely, as they were painting […]

Tuesday the 24th in the 123 class

We made baby chicks and talked about spring today.  Miss Sara is feeling better and will be back tomorrow. We did gymnastics and had fun rolling, swinging and jumping on the trampoline. We also had a chance to go outside and get some fresh air.  Lunch today was chicken and […]

Tuesday the 24th in the ABC class

More spring fun. We made baby chicks and read a book about lambs.  We played outside and did gymnastics.  We are very good at forward rolls and swinging on the bar.  We finished up the morning paying a counting game and talking about changes that happen when it is spring. […]