Monthly Archives: May 2015

Friday May 29th in the 123’s

Today we discussed what our favorite smell was! We got some pretty silly answers! For our project we made a smelly sunflower! We each placed the pedals around the outside and then had our hands painted with a yellow flower scented paint. When we were finished we used a black […]

Friday the 29th in the ABC Class

Today in the ABC room we read the “The Very Grouchy Ladybug” during circle time to end our week of talking about bugs. We made butterflies using shaving cream and liquid paint to create a marbled design. We also enjoyed drawing with chalk outside and playing hopscotch. For snack we […]

Thursday May 28th in the 123’s

Today in the 123 Class, we discussed all the pretty growing flowers we have seen at our house, school or when taking a walk. For our project we made smelly flowers. First we cut around the edges of the cupcake liners. Next we assembled out flowers and finally we dipped […]

ABC’s Wednesday, May 27th

Today in the ABC classroom we continued talking about bug’s and discussed different words that begin with the letter B. We read, “In The Tall Tall Grass”. We made caterpillars with our names and practiced writing out each letter in our names. We also practiced tracing the letter B and […]

Wednesday May 27th in the 123’s

We made homemade smelly Kool aid play dough today! We took turns helping Miss Sara measure the ingredients and assisted in stirring the ingredients. When we were all finished with all 3 colors we got to choose a color to play with for a little while and then we placed […]

Tuesday May 26th in the 123’s

This week we will be discussing and doing activities based around the sense of smell. Today we made smelly paint using different extracts Mixed with paint. Before we painted we went around the group and each smelled the different scents and determined if we liked them or didn’t. Then we […]

Friday the 22nd at Camelot

A fun filled awesome day! The ABC class painted flowers and read a book about being friends.  The Pre-k class made beehives and the Kindergarten class worked on sight words with the white boards.  Everyone had fun outside playing! Lunch today was turkey sliders, applesauce, peaches, pineapple, carrots, cucumbers and […]

Friday May 22nd in the 123’s

To finish out our week on the sense of sight, we made our own binocular. The kids have been exploring with them all week long outside so we decided to make our own. We also played I spy while outside. For lunch we had meatball sandwiches, applesauce, cucumbers, carrots, and […]

Thursday May 21st in the 123’s

Today we reviewed the colors of the rainbow. As we went through each color, the children were asked to tell me something that was that color. For our project, I provided many color materials for them to sort and place in each colored section. While we were outside blowing bubbled, […]

Thursday the 21st in the ABC Class

We are all about friends! Today we each had a chance to be in charge! Each child picked a friend to do a painting with them.  The person in charge picked the type of paint (watercolor, finger paint or dot paint) and decided what colors to use.  We also read […]