Thursday September 10th in the 123’s

Today in the 123’s, we read “The Kissing Hand”. After we read we explained that each morning they should have their mom or dad kiss the Palm of their hand so when they are feeling sad during the day they can hold it to their cheek or their heart and feel the love from their parents! For our project we colored a hand and placed a heart in the center! We got to take a walk together as a class down the street while their was a break in the rain! We also did some body exercises and played “Who’s Missing?”. Each time we closed our eyes MS Sara Had a friend disappear and we guested who was missing! For lunch we had chicken and cheese quesadillas, ouneapple, apple sauce, carrots and corn. Just a reminder: Back To School Night for the 123’s is Friday Sept 18th from 6-7 PM. Hope to see you there!