Monday September 14th in the ABC’s

This week our theme will be “All About Me”. We will continue learning more about each other and talking about ourselves and our families. We read the “The Color of Me”, and book that shows us how everyone is different and special in their own way. We introduced the letter “A” during circle time and talked about different words that begin with the letter A. For our project Ms. Cara made the first letter of our names in tape, we then painted all around the letter and removed the tape when try to reveal our letter. With Ms. Asim we practiced tracing our names. While outside we searched our playground for acorns for a project later this week. For snack we had cupcakes and celebrated Nathaniels birthday, happy 4th birthday! For lunch we had hotdogs, rolls, fries, cucumbers, pickles, apples and bananas. Have a great night!