Daily Highlights for Monday Septemeber 21st

*Thank you to all the families that came to our Wine and Cheese Back to School Night. It was a  great  time.  A big thank you goes out to our friend Charlotte’s dad. He found and caught our escape artist Hammie the Hamster.

*Thank you to the families who have ordered books through our Scholastic Reading Club. It is very much appreciated. If you you plan on ordering you.may do so online or give Mrs. Jill the order slip and money by next Wednesday, September 30th.

*All children are welcome to bring their own water bottle to school daily. Just please label it.

F.Y.I- the Pre-K class and ABC class are going to Windsor Farm on Wednesday, October 14th. More info will be emailed and in cubbies soon. The trip will be from 9:00 am- 11:30 am

Today in Mrs. Jill’s group, the children did calendar routine and practiced spelling their first names. They also practiced writing the their names too on the wipe-off board.  In Miss. Jessica group, the children  learned how to play Duck Duck Goose and the Freeze. Miss. Coco gave us a special yummy snack from our friend Ian and took us outside on the playground.