Friday October 23rd in the ABC’s

Happy Friday! Today during circle time we read, “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves”. We made some guesses about why leaves change color. We then did an experiment about why leaves change color. We ripped up leaves into little pieces and placed them in a jar, we then filled the jar with ridding alcohol and massed up the leaves some more with rubbing alcohol and placed a coffee filter in it. We checked the coffee filters after lunch and saw how some turned green and some turned yellow. We learned that because there is not as much sun in the Fall, the chlorophyll in the leaves causes them to change color. For our project we made leaves using tissue paper and modge podge. We practiced cutting with scissors today and we’re asked to follow along the lines while cutting. We also did a worksheet where we had to color the pictures that begin with the letter F. Have a great weekend!