Friday January 22nd in the 123’s

Today in the 123’s we discussed hibernation with Miss Sara. We talked about where bears live and why they might live in caves. I asked everyone where they would choose to take a long winter nap. We went on a bear hunt! For our project we each were instructed to paint the cave opening brown and add eyes to look like a bear is inside. We then added cotton balls to cover the cave with snow! With Miss Kat our friends explored with shaving cream and/ or play dough (child choice). We had some time to get outside and enjoy our play ground before its snow covered! For lunch we had pizza, pineapple, corn, turkey pepperoni, bananas and carrots.
FYI- if your child would like to play in the snow next week at school please bring in snow pants/ suits and snow boots. A brave teacher will venture out with anyone who would like to go out. Have a great weekend, stay warm and enjoy the snow!