Monday Febuary 1st in the 123’s

Today in the 123’s we had two new friends join our class! Max and Max! We welcomed them this morning and played our getting to know u game! After that we split into groups and We learned the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty! After reciting it a few times we discussed ways we might be able to help put Humpty Dumpty together again! Miss Sara gave us the 4 pieces to our egg puzzles, after putting them together on our glued background, we used band aides to fix his boo boos. Miss Lanagin and Miss Nicole had our friends putting eggs in order by size. We have been doing so great with three objects, the ones that were ready attempted 4 objects today! They did very well! As a large group we sang songs and went on a bear hunt! We also played follow the leader and freeze dance! For lunch we had fresh rolls, meatballs, veggie chips, oranges, corn, carrots, cucumbers and bananas. Lesson Plans are posted to our website under 123’s, there u will also find out details for our valentines party!