Wednesday February 3rd in the ABC’s

This morning our friends enjoyed gymnastics with Mrs. Susan. The rest of our friends will go tomorrow. Today we discussed snowmen. We talked about what we need to make a snowman and how snow turns into water as it begins to melt. We read “Snowmen At Night” and learned a song called “Snow”. In Ms. Cara’s group we made name snowmen for our project. The children were asked to spell out their names and count the number of letters their names has. They then either wrote or traced the letters of their name on the snowman. Ms. Asim’s group enjoyed snack and completed a letter review tracing worksheet. Ms. Jessica’s group enjoyed free play. For lunch we had sandwiches, veggie chips, yogurt, bananas and peaches. Have a great night!

*Please check your child’s cubby for a letter regarding our Valentines Day celebration on Friday February 12th!