Thursday April 7th in the 123’s

Today in the 123’s we started our morning with reading the story “In the Spring” we discussed all the spring changes occurring throughout the story conparing them to what’s changing in our town. We worked with Miss Sara to make caterpillar patterns. Mr Mike came to sing some songs and get us moving with his guitar! We were able to get outside and utilize the wind to our advantage to see our kite fly! A BIG thank you to Hannah for sharing her kite with us! We learned yesterday about symmetry, explaining that both butterfly wings are the same. Today we painted one side of our butterflies and folded over the other side, used our hand to rub the two together and opened it up to see what we created! For lunch we had breakfast for lunch! Pancakes, Mr Galli’s turkey sausage, fresh strawberries and bananas and hash browns!