Monday April 11th in the ABC’s

Wow what a busy morning we had. This week we are celebrating your child for “Week of the Young Child”. Today was crazy hat day and art extravaganza! During circle time we introduced the letter of the week, Ww and number 2 this week. I asked my friends to name different parts of the body that we have 2 of, eyes, ears, hands, feet, etc. We read “Water Dance” where we had to guess what the book was describing through the clues it gave us. We also enjoyed doing a hat show and tell. With Miss Cara we made our choice of either a hat or sword and decorated them with markers, stickers and gems. We did a number 2 coloring worksheet and also completed a Ww tracing worksheet. We had fun getting messy with Mrs Susan! We covered one table wth shaving cream to draw and practice writing our letters and names. On another table we used cloud dough and the last table we had a bin filled with corn starch and water. This afternoon we will be celebrate Sophie’s 4th birthday with munchkins, happy birthday Sophie! Have a great evening!