Monday May 9th in the ABC’s

Happy Monday! I hope all of our mommies had a wonderful Mother’s Day! This morning we introduced our the a for the week, flowers, gardening and number 6. We will all work on letter Zz again since we didn’t get through everything last week. We discussed the steps of planting a flower and what it needs to grow. With Miss Cara we painted tulips. Some of the friends enjoyed mixing the paints to make different colors! They also enjoyed using crayons to complete a number 6 coloring sheet. After they were done coloring they were asked to write their names on the back. With Miss Casiey we had snack and completed alerted Zz tracing worksheet. With Miss Sammy (welcome back!) we enjoyed free play! We were finally able to go outside and enjoy the nice weather, yay! We also enjoyed listening to Mrs Susan read us “The Boy and The Tigers”! Thank you to all of the ABC parent for the lovely breakfast you provided and for everything you did today and last week, it’s truly appreciated! Have a great evening!