Friday May 13th in the 123’s

Today in the 123’s we started our morning with playing a memory game using different classroom items! We used dot markets to make the first letter of our names! Our friends have been very excited about learning their letters! We practiced drawing the letter in our sand bucket! We reviewed things we learned about our sense of sight this week, they said they liked using the binoculars and magnifying glasses outside! Next week we will focus on our sense of hearing! We will be using different instruments throughout the week, if your would like to bring in an instrument to “share” with their friends they may, I just ask that you please make sure it is clearly labeled! Don’t worry we have tons of instruments here if your child does not have one. For lunch we had quesadillas, our choice of cheese, pepperoni, or turkey. We had buttered noddles, corn, broccoli, bananas and oranges.