Monday May 16th in the ABC’s

Happy Monday! This morning during circle time we introduced our theme for the week, famous artist and number 7. Today we focused on Andy Warhol and learned that many of his works are considered pop art. We read “I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More” by Karen Beaumont. With Miss Cara we imitated Warhol’s famous work titled “Hands”. We traced our hands in black and choose 4 different colored backgrounds to glue each hand on. We then choose 4 more colors to paint our hands and put on top of the hand we traced in black it make the pop out effect. We also used crayons to color our number 7 coloring sheet. With Miss Sammy we read “Make Van Gogh’s Bed”. We also completed a number 7, count and color worksheet. With Miss Casiey we had snack and enjoyed free play. Have a great evening!
**Dont forget, tomorrow is Picture Day! All children are welcome, please arrive by 8:45 and pickup by 11:30 if Tuesday is not your children normal day!