June 13th in the 123s

Today in the 123s we began our day with bounce houses. We did not swim due to the uncertainty in the weather.

After we finished with the bounce houses the 123s split into 2 groups. One group did project with Ms. Sara. For Our project today we made sand castles that we made out of shapes. We asked the children what shapes they saw and how many of each. Miss Sara added glue around the boarder of the shapes. We had the 123s pick what color sand they would like to use for their castles and sprinkle it onto their art work. The other group was with Ms. Nicole making forts and playing with the tunnels. As a large group, we discussed sand castles and if we had ever made a sand castle at the beach or in a sand box. We listened to ocean sounds and discussed whether we liked the ocean.

Today for lunch we had sandwiches, cucumbers, veggie chips, apples, carrots, blueberries and yogurt.