Monday July 25th in the 123s

Today in the 123s we began our day with swimming in the pool!

Once we finished swimming we sat as one big group and had snack. Once the 123s finished snacking we split into groups for project. For our project today we made watermelon! Miss. Nicole asked all the 123s if they have ever had watermelon and if they liked it. Than we did a taste test with watermelon and most of them ended up liking it! We sang a song about watermelon and we also did a feel test with toy fruits to see if the fruit was bumpy or smooth!
This afternoon the 123s will have a choice between the pool and the water slide for our afternoon water play!

Today for lunch we had pizza, corn, carrots, bananas, blueberries, olives, Tostitos roll up chips, and cucumbers!