Thursday August 11th in the 123s

Today in the 123s we began our day by swimming.

Once we finished swimming we split into groups for project. Today for our project we made turtles. Miss. Nicole explain how turtles can live up to 150 years in the ocean. Miss. Nicole also showed the 123s pictures of her pet turtles and will bring them in for the 123s to see tomorrow. The 123s painted an egg carton and than glued on the legs, head, and eyes. Once we finished putting our projects together Miss. Nicole read the 123s a book called “what’s under the sea”. We talked about all different animals and plants that live in the ocean. Then before lunch we had dance class with Miss. Haley. The 123s danced and wiggled for a half hour before lunch!

Today for lunch we had chicken nuggets, bananas, applesauce, corn, cucumbers, and Tostitos roll ups!