Monday, September 12th in the 123’s

Today in the 123’s we began our day with weekend stories. We discussed with the group that this week we are going to talk about ourselves! We will be making an All About Me book with your child, adding things throughout the week such as how many people are in our family, what color our hair is and eye color etc. Today we made a graph of how many boys and how many girls we have in our class! We included the children who were not present! We counted how many boys and how many girls we had! We did body part exercises as a group while listening to music! For our project today we did finger painting! We made a welcome sign for Back to school night with our handprints as well! We sang a new song called “We are all Special”. We got to enjoy this beautiful day outside for a little while as we explored the playground! For lunch we had mash potatoes, turkey meatballs, fresh rolls, cucumbers, carrots, peaches and apples.