Thursday October 13th in the ABC’s

Today during circle time we read “Pancakes, Pancakes!” We discussed why it’s important to eat healthy and that junk food and sweets should be eaten in moderation. We learned a song called “Carrots, Peas and Broccoli”. We also began making a list of words that begin with the letter Ee. With Miss Cara we used the play food to sort the healthy food into one bin and the junk food into another. For our project we did another food sort. First we colored pictures of food, we then used scissors to cut out the food and put the healthy snacks in one group and the unhealthy snacks in another. With Miss Nicole we had snack and completed a letter Ee tracing worksheet. The children also had lots of fun singing and dancing with Mr. Mike in music class this morning! ** Please return your child’s permission slip and money for our field trip if you have no already done so! Have a great evening!