Wednesday October 19th in the 123’s

Today in the 123’s we talked about Jack-o- lanterns! We read “My Jack-o-lantern” and discussed the events in the story! We identified the shape of the eyes and the nose! As a large group, we passed around our giant pumpkin and discussed the color, shape and sound it makes when you knock on the outside! Next, we watched as Miss Sara opened the pumpkin! We passed it around again to see the inside of the pumpkin and then we each took a turn to help scoop out the seeds! When we were finished and washed our hands we watched as Miss Sara carved a face in our pumpkin! We also took a nature walk using our walking rope! We discussed and identified the colors of the leaves on the trees! We also of course had to sing “Five Little Pumpkins!” For lunch we had our choice of sandwich, veggie straws, cucumbers, carrots, apples and bananas and a yogurt drink.