Monday October 24th in the 123’s

Today in the 123’s we read, “Spooky Cat”! We discussed Halloween decor and we each talked about our Halloween costumes. I discussed our party and Parade on Thursday with our friends so they have an idea of what to expect! Please send your child dressed in their costume ( every costume piece labeled) and bring a labeled bag with a change of clothes- we will be changing them before lunch into their regular clothes and then we were changing back into their costumes when they wake up from nap! If anyone would like to bring in a Halloween treat for our classroom party please speak to me first! For our project we made black cats! We used a crayon to draw our own whiskers! We also played a Halloween versions of Simon says! Acting out ghosts, witches, bats etc. For lunch we had chicken nuggets, French fries, raisins, oranges, apples, carrots and cucumbers.