Wednesday November 23rd in the ABC’s

What a fun and busy morning we had! With Miss Cara we started our day making mashed potatoes to share with each class for our Thanksgiving feast. The children had so much fun mashing the potatoes! Pre-K made corn muffins and the 123’s made fruit salad to also share during the feast! We read “‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving”. For or project we made turkey headbands! We also had fun singing Thanksgiving songs like “Dashig through the farm”. With Niss Nicole we had snack (Thank you to the parents who brought in treats for us!). The children also completed a letter A-J recognition and matching worksheet. With Miss Abbie the children completed a turkey feather count and color worksheet. We had a special visit from Khloe’s mom this morning who came in to read us “A Plump and Perky Turkwy”. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!