Monthly Archives: September 2017

Pre-K Friday, September 29, 2017

Mrs. Denise’s Group – We read a predictable text Pete the Cat book and filled in the words together.  Then, we practiced writing “B” words and added to our word list. Mrs. Erin’s Group – Made bats out of construction paper. Ms. Abbie’s group had snack and reviewed the number […]

Pre-K September 28, 2017

It felt so lovely to have the cool breeze coming in through the windows today! Mrs. Denise’s Group – We read “Nanette’s Baguette” by Mo Willems.  It was full of rhyming words!   We also did calendar and discusses some words that rhyme.  One example: Words that rhyme with “box” […]

Thursday September 28th in the ABC’s

This morning with Miss Cara we reviewed our list of letter Cc words and the sound the letter Cc makes. We completed a letter Cc picture identification worksheet. During circle time we read “Oh The Places You’ll Go”. We talked about what we want to be when we grow up. […]

Pre-K Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Mrs. Denise’s Group – Today, we read “Curious George Plays Baseball” and talked about why George was considered a hero.  We also worked on differentiating between “B” and “b” by coloring beach balls different colors.  Students practiced identifying words that start with the “b” sound and forming the letters too. […]

Wednesday September 27th in the ABC’s

This morning with Miss Cara we started our day by reading “The Crayon Box That Talked”. The story discusses the uniqueness of each different colored crayon, just how we are each unique and different in our own way. We colored crayon template that will be made into a bulletin board. […]

Pre-K Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Mrs. Denise’s Group – Today we worked on forming “b” correctly.  Then we read “A Bird is a Bird” by Lizzy Rockwell.  The book taught us that all birds have beaks, two wings, feathers, are born from eggs, and build nests.  We also sang the Months of the Year song. […]