Pre-K Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Mrs. Denise’s Group – Today we worked on forming “b” correctly.  Then we read “A Bird is a Bird” by Lizzy Rockwell.  The book taught us that all birds have beaks, two wings, feathers, are born from eggs, and build nests.  We also sang the Months of the Year song.  Happiest of birthdays to Layla!

Ms. Erin/Ms. Jessica – Students had a great time in music today.  Some even started to learn the hand jive!

Ms. Abbie’s Group- Students worked on matching number cards with counters.  They also practiced writing the number 2.

In mini groups, students drew birds with Ms. Erin and worked on Brain Box questions with Mrs. Denise.  October book orders were put in cubbies today.  You can order online or bring in the paper form if you are interested in ordering!