Thursday December 21st in the 123’s

Today in the 123’s we began our morning with a story called “The Christmas tree”. Our story discussed so many was Christmas trees are presented, on a boat, in the air on the Statue of Liberty, small, large, fake, real etc. when we were finished reading we sang some of our fun holiday songs! After snack, Miss Sara had us placing colored Christmas lights in order by size and made tissue paper ornaments with us! Miss Asim had us making wreaths from beads and pipe cleaners! I hope everyone enjoys their special gifts their child choose from our holiday shop! Please be aware your child did the wrapping, not me hahaha! Also, some of you received them last night, however many of you have our special parent gift treat jar in their child’s cubby box. They are glass mason jars. Please make sure to take these home today and be careful not to let your child drop it. Thanks!