Monthly Archives: February 2018

Pre-K: Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Mrs. Denise’s Group –  Today, we read “Dora’s Pirate Adventure”.  In this interactive book, we were able to practice some of our Spanish words!  We then practiced writing the letter P on our own and coloring plants and animals that begin with a P. Miss Abbie’s Group –  The children […]

Pre-K: Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Pre-K Pizzeria was a hit!  The children were able to pretend to be customers placing orders from a menu, waiters taking the orders, and chefs making the pizzas and side items.  This center will be available all week. Mrs. Denise’s Group – Today we read “Ella and the Penguin”.  The […]

Monday Feb 26th in the 123’s

Today in the 123’s we began our weather discussions for the week. Each day we will focus on a different type of weather. Today was Clouds. We viewed pictures of different cloud shapes and listen to a song about cloud imagination. We went outside to view the clouds and tried […]

Pre-K: Monday, February 26, 2018

Mrs. Denise’s Group- P is for pan!  We read “Curious George and the Pizza” and then completed a P worksheet. Miss Jessica’s Group – The children made pizza slices which are hanging from the ceiling in the shape of a p!  They then had free play. Miss Susan’s Group – […]

Monday, February 26th in the ABC’s

This morning with Miss Cara we introduced letter “Tt”, and discussed how an upper and lower case “Tt” is written. Since we will be reading books written by Dr. Seuss this week, today we also talked about what a rhyming word is, because many of Dr. Seuss’s books are filled […]

Pre-K: Friday, February 23, 2018

This morning we talked about the winter Olympics! Mrs. Denise’s Group – We used the book “Bear Snores On” to learn another sight word!  “On” is now on our list.  We can recognize it and spell it too!  We then completed an O worksheet where the children identified pictures of […]

Thursday, February 22nd in the ABC’s

This morning before breaking up into groups we read, “The Tooth Book”. With Miss Cara we reviewed our letters by playing letter bingo. During circle time we reviewed calendar and discussed different foods that are good for our teeth and those that are not. The children also enjoyed learning a […]

Pre-K: Thursday, February 22, 2018

This morning, some of our friends had gymnastics while the rest of us had a few extra minutes of free play. Mrs. Denise’s Group – We read “Troll and the Oliver”.  Luckily for both, it turns out that trolls prefer eating cake over little boys!  We then practiced writing upper […]

Wednesday, February 21st in the ABC’s

This morning we started our day with Mrs Susan’s gymnastics class. With Miss Cara we ate snack and enjoyed building with magnets and drawing pictures with the dry erase boards. During circle time we discussed our teeth and the importance of brushing them. We also enjoyed reading “Anna and The […]