Wednesday, October 24 in Pre-K

Miss Erin played a famous musical piece called “A Night on Bald Mountain” from Fantasia for the class. They also discussed what an orchestra is and the four instruments used to make up an orchestra. Afterwards, they sang together and played musical games.

Miss Abbie introduced the class to a Halloween Sensory Bin she named the “Five Little Pumpkin Bin”. Inside the bin, the students were able to practice measuring and inspecting using the proper tools while working on their mathematical vocab. Afterwards, the class completed a spider connect the dots worksheet.

Miss Lauren helped the class finish their Room on the Broom witch project today. Each student picked and animal and witch’s object that appeared in the story to color, cut and paste on a colorful sheet of paper. Then, Miss Lauren connected their pictures and witches together with string to hang on the Pre-K ceiling.