Monthly Archives: March 2019

Friday, March 29th in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms Cara we finished our  week of letter Ww. We reviewed its formation, sound and words beginning with the letter. We completed a letter Ww, trace, letter find and sound identification worksheet. The children also enjoyed using the wikki stixs to make letters, completed a bug flood […]

Thursday, March 28th in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms Cara we enjoyed playing with new lacing cards and puzzle that Mrs Susan got for us! The children also enjoyed building with legos and table magnets. During circle time we discussed the sound for letter Ww and continued adding to our list of words beginning with […]

Thursday, March 28th in Pre-K

Today, the Pre-K did a W worksheet and worked on their numbers with Mrs. Lanigan. Miss Lauren helped each student make their very own origami frog to go with their Monet lily pad pond. There is a bit of a stomach bug going around in the 123 room. The health […]

Wednesday March 27th in the 123’s

We had a special visitor come today! Spider-man!! He read us a special story and visited with each classroom individually for a little one on one time! Before he arrived we all contributed our ideas on how a superhero may work out! We practiced some work out moves to stretch […]

Wednesday, March 27th in Pre-K

We had a very excited morning; Spiderman visited the school! Before the arrival of our guest, the students completed a W worksheet with Mrs. Susan and Mrs. Lanigan. The class spotted Spiderman outside through the windows. Eventually, Spiderman came inside to read us a story and play a few rounds […]

Tuesday, March 26th in Pre-K

The Pre-K completed a number worksheet with Mrs. Lanigan today. Each student had to fill in the numbers that were missing in sequence. It was challenging, but every student was determined to finish! On the back of their worksheets, the class was prompted to write uppercase W, lowercase w, and […]

Tuesday, March 26th in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms Cara we discussed the sound of letter W and began making a list of words beginning with the letter. The children completed a letter Ww trace and color worksheet, they colored a picture of a watermelon and were encouraged to take their time. On the back […]

Monday, March 25th in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms Cara we introduced letter “Ww”. We discussed the number of lines in the letter and completed a tracing worksheet for letter Ww. We used wikki sticks to make letter Ww along with other letters. The children also enjoyed building with lincoln logs, using the lacing letters […]

Friday, March 22nd

This morning with Ms Cara we finished our week of nursery rhymes and letter Vv! We reviewed the sound, formation and words beginning with letter V. We also completed a letter Vv, trace, color and find worksheet. The children enjoyed using Lincoln logs to build and make letter V and […]

Friday, March 22nd in Pre-K

We had a very fun Friday! Mrs. Susan went over our list of V words, the class adding some more before the end of V week. Mr. Diego helped the students complete a V worksheet. Afterwards, everyone had a chance to play with our new toys! Miss Lauren’s class reviewed […]