Tuesday, March 26th in Pre-K

The Pre-K completed a number worksheet with Mrs. Lanigan today. Each student had to fill in the numbers that were missing in sequence. It was challenging, but every student was determined to finish! On the back of their worksheets, the class was prompted to write uppercase W, lowercase w, and three words that began with W.

This is the last week for Monet. Miss Lauren’s class collaborated to paint their very own version of Monet’s famous “Water Lillies” series on a huge canvas. The class had an opportunity to use big brushes and mix colors with their classmates. Once it dries, it will be hung up in the big window room. For those who wanted to make their own picture, there was a coloring station to draw their individual versions of Monet’s paintings.

Remember: we have a special Superhero coming in TOMORROW for Superhero Day! We encourage everyone to dress in their own Superhero apparel for the occasion.