Monthly Archives: April 2019

Tuesday, April 23rd in the ABC’s   Recently updated !

This morning with Ms. Cara we introduced number 2 and continued talking about number 1. We used rocks to make the number 1. The children enjoyed make numbers with the construction number connectors. They also had fun using the pattern boards and dry erase boards. During circle time we discussed […]

Tuesday, April 25th in Pre-K   Recently updated !

Today in Pre-K, the class worked on listening and following directions by completing an ordinal number worksheet. The students read the directions with Mrs. Lanigan, prompting them to color a particular scoop a particular color. At the very bottom, they wrote down the color that they made their ice cream […]

Monday, April 22nd in Pre-K   Recently updated !

Happy Earth Day! Today, the Pre-K took advantage of the weather in the morning and went outside to play. Afterwards, Mrs. Susan read the class two Pigeon Detective books. The class also worked on their “-at” word family (i.e. Bat, Cat, Hat,…). The class wrote their “-at” words on dry […]

Monday April 22nd in the 123’s   Recently updated !

Today in the 123’s we discussed Earth Day! We read a story called, “Our Garden” and discussed if we had a garden at home or not. We discussed if we have ever planted flowers before or watched our Mommy or Daddy plant flowers. We made an earth using blue and […]

Monday, April 22nd in the ABC’s   Recently updated !

This morning with Ms. Cara we introduced number 1 and discussed the different ways to write the number. The children completed a number 1 trace and color sheet where they were told to choose one color to use. The children also enjoyed completing a number counting puzzle, playing with cubes […]

Tuesday, April 16th in Pre-K   Recently updated !

Today, Pre-K started off the day with a silly story called The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak. In Mrs. Susan’s class, Pre-K reviewed and added to our Z word list. Afterwards, the class wrote zeros to match up the written number on a flash card to make ten, […]

Tuesday April 16th in the 123’s   Recently updated !

Today in the 123’s we continued discussing the upcoming holiday (Easter) and the bunny. We worked in groups of two to find eggs that matched. These eggs were different colors and patterns. Our friends painted a mask shape the color of their choice. This afternoon when the masks are dry […]

Tuesday, April 16th in the ABC’s   Recently updated !

This morning with Ms Cara we began discussing words that begin with the letter Z. We talked a bit about Easter and different symbols that remind us of the holiday. For story time we read “Gingerbread Man Loose At The Zoo”. The children enjoyed music class with Miss Erin. With […]

Monday, April 15th in the ABC’s   Recently updated !

This morning we started our day by celebrating Abby’s birthday with a special cupcake snack! With Ms. Cara we introduced letter “Zz”, we discussed the number of lines in the letter and practiced tracing it. On the back of our worksheet we reviewed the letters in our first and last […]

Monday April 15th in the 123’s   Recently updated !

Today in the 123’s we began discussing the upcoming holiday, Easter! The kids are all so excited about the Easter bunny coming to visit our school. We read a story called “Some Bunny Loves You” and made a special project to go along with it using our handprint as the […]