Monday, April 8th in Pre-K

We had a very exciting Music Monday! Mrs. Susan’s class introduced the letter Yy by making a list of Y words and completing a letter worksheet. Afterwards, the class created guitars out of bowls, plastic cups and rubber bands. Each student designed their guitar uniquely and Mrs. Susan helped them assemble the pieces together. When everyone was finished, the class rocked out with their newly made string instruments.

Miss Lauren’s class made pan flutes out of straws and paper. After making a special design, each student chose five straws to tape together. Miss Lauren helped them keep their pan flutes together with staples. When everyone was finished, the class was able to make their own songs!

Before lunch, Pre-K went outside with Miss Erin for a dance party! Everyone showed off and taught their moves to the class. Tomorrow is Tricky Tuesday! We will have a magician coming in tomorrow morning. Have a wonderful day!