Thursday, April 11th in Pre-K

What an exciting day in Pre-K! Everyone had a chance to play in the bouncy house today! We will even have a chance to play in the bouncy house again after nap!

The Pre-K completed three worksheets with Mrs. Lanigan. On the first worksheet, the class traced and wrote uppercase Y and learned how to spell “Yo-yo”. The second worksheet focused on lowercase y and working on following in the lines. The third worksheet focused on numbers and counting. Each student connected the dots starting from 5 and ending up to 20 to form a yo-yo.

Miss Lauren’s class used their tracing, cutting, and pasting skills to create a hand playing with a colorful yo-yo. The class was reminded to trace against their fingers for the best result. For those who were struggling with cutting their traced hand, Miss Lauren taught them a trick: cut out the hand as if it was a circle, then cut up each line, pulling out upside-down “V” shapes and voila! The class pasted their colorful hand onto paper, along with a cupcake holder and string. Afterwards, they were prompted to write “Yo-yo”.

Tomorrow is Gymnastics Day! Breakfast will be served between 7-9am. You may come in before or after your child’s set time so you may enjoy breakfast!