Monday, April 22nd in Pre-K

Happy Earth Day! Today, the Pre-K took advantage of the weather in the morning and went outside to play. Afterwards, Mrs. Susan read the class two Pigeon Detective books. The class also worked on their “-at” word family (i.e. Bat, Cat, Hat,…). The class wrote their “-at” words on dry erase boards, helping their friends along the way. Before going into our art project, Pre-K discussed the importance of Earth Day. We will be touching on Earth Day all week, making it “Earth Week”!

In art class, the class painted the Earth using green and blue M&M’s. With this quirky project, the students witnessed the green and blue M&M’s turn white as Miss Erin stirred the candies with water. They made sure to stay in the lines for each color.

Miss Lauren took over today’s music class by teaching the Pre-K vocal warm-ups. They learned the diaphragm is the most important muscle when singing. With body stretches, breathing exercises and silly noises, Pre-K learned that warming up the voice is just as important as warming up before a soccer game or dance class. After our lesson, each student had a chance to play with Miss Lauren’s piano, which we named “Mr. Kiki the Keyboard”.