Monday, April 29th in Pre-K

Pre-K started the week with expanding their “-at” word family list, while also listing some “-an” words (i.e. tan, ran, can). With Mrs. Susan, the class practiced writing all of the words they listed on dry erase boards. Parents, we encourage students to point out “-at” words and “-an” words while reading books at home.

In art class, Miss Lauren read a book called The Color Monster: A Story About Emotions by Anna Llenas. The story is geared to help children understand what emotions are, when they experience certain emotions and how to deal with the emotions they are feeling. The book associated emotions with different colors (i.e. happiness is yellow, sadness is blue, etc.). We helped the color monster sort out his emotions by color in different jars, which is a simpler way to understand each emotion the monster felt. The class filled their own jars with bits of color paper that associated with the emotions they felt the most this morning. For those that filled up sad, angry or scared, Miss Lauren reminded them that it is okay to feel that way. We also went over ways to overcome these strong feelings; the best suggestions were to talk to an adult and do something that makes you happy, such as coloring, playing with friends and going outside. We will explore our emotions more this week.