Monday, May 13th in Pre-K

Today, the Pre-K worked on their “-and” word families. They wrote the word “and” along with “band”, “hand” and “sand”. Afterwards, Mrs. Susan read a story called Five Little Ducklings and the class had to point out every time the word “and” showed up in the story.

In art class, the Pre-K explored more of M.C. Escher, our Artist for May. The class reviewed that a “tessellation” is a repeating shape or “puzzle piece” that fit together to make a pattern. Miss Lauren also introduced “symmetry” to the class, since most of M.C. Esher’s drawings “mirrored” each other. The class made their own symmetrical pictures with dot markers. They drew anything that reminded them of Springtime.

We explored a lot of artists this year, so the Pre-K class would like to put on a little art show! The Museum of Camelot Art (or The MOCA) will be held on Friday, June 7th at 7pm. There will be classy music, fancy finger foods and beverages (crafted by Miss Haley and Pre-K), and activities centering on our favorite artists. More details to come this week!