Monthly Archives: September 2019

Wednesday, September 25th in Pre-K

Today, Pre-K continued with the letter B in Mrs. Susan’s class. They colored their dry clay B’s. Ask your child about the Magic B Trick! Afterwards, the class had fun playing with different sized beach balls outside. Ms. Asim explained liquid and solid to the class today; they observed that […]

Tuesday, September 24th in Pre-K

Today, we continued with the letter B with Mrs. Susan. The class used wiki sticks and magnet pieces to form uppercase B and lowercase b. The class also traced B with dry-erase boards. Afterwards, Mrs. Susan read them a story and conducted Show-and-Tell. Ms. Asim’s class continued with shapes today, […]

Tuesday, September 24th in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms Cara we started our day by celebrating Emilia’s birthday with a special treat! We completed a letter “Cc” trace and color worksheet, and practiced tracing our names on the back. During circle time we reviewed calendar, counted to 24, and read “Chicken Little”. We also enjoyed […]